Benefits of Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts are a phytonutrient-rich powerhouse loaded with beneficial bioactive compounds, including sulforaphane.  
What is sulforaphane, and why is it important? 
Glucoraphanin is an inactive sulfur-rich phytochemical found in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables. This naturally occurring "inactive" compound requires "activation" from myrosinase, an enzyme released in plants after they are damaged, cut, or chewed. 
"Activating" or transforming glucoraphanin into sulforaphane is necessary for optimal cellular uptake in humans. This potent, bioavailable phytonutrient supports robust immunity, brain health, and neurocognitive function.*  
How to incorporate sulforaphane into your daily wellness routine

Need help waking up and starting your day? Add Broccoli Sprout to your morning routine to give your brain power a boost and get your body's natural detox pathways engaged with enzyme-activated sulforaphane, a key nutrient for addressing oxidative stress.*
Broccoli Sprout capsules contain Activated BroccoRaphanin®, an activated form of sulforaphane with a minimum of 10% sulforaphane glucosinate from broccoli seeds. 

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