Ask An Herbalist - Lymphatic Drainage

Kelp sea bed

Discover herbal insights and take a close-up look at plants, dietary supplements, and wellness solutions with our in-house herbalist, Michele Milligan. 

We asked Michele to answer some of our customers' frequently asked questions. Check out her latest response below! 

Q: What is your go-to product for lymphatic drainage? 
A: BioPure offers a great product to support lymphatic drainage: Night-Time Deodorant. It is a gentle yet effective salve infused with a combination of herbs that increases lymphatic drainage as you sleep. 

Kelp is a key sea herb in the formula, packed with minerals to nourish the skin and promote drainage. I love to use this product when I feel like I have excess mucus, which can cause drainage issues. This symptom can indicate that your glymphatic system (the brain's lymph system) is not draining, and you need to help promote circulation. It's ideal to use at night if you wake up needing to clear your throat. 

Usage instructions 
Apply the Night-Time Deodorant to the neck and underarms before bed. Massaging in the salve is also a tremendous self-care tool to boost overall immune function. 

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